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The AQUASHOW PARK HOTEL believes that a company to succeed has to fulfill several factors: customer satisfaction,delivery of services, employee satisfaction and integration into the surrounding community.

Our commitment is to ensure that the impact on the community is positive and beneficial and we work every day in order to minimize any negative impact.

Daily work for the development of the local economy, sharing the surrounding area to the Hotel with our clients, encouraging them to explore the town, the county and the district, urging them to experience our culture, our heritage and experience our cuisine.

In order to promote local production, we get to  know our customers with the typical products of our region.

The AQUASHOW PARK HOTEL struggles to reduce it footprint on the environment, therefore only fresh produts are purchased from local suppliers, which in turn acquire them from local producers.

The AQUASHOW PARK HOTEL develops its recruitment process, asking for employees living in the county where it is installed and, when not possible, employees of neighboring counties. We also pay attention to recruit employees enrolled in the Job Centre, in order to decrease the rate of unemployment in the region.

The AQUASHOW PARK HOTEL collaborates with the local educational community, providing curricular traineesphips to their students.

The AQUASHOW PARK HOTEL has facilities for exhibitions of handicrafts produced by elderly care institutions and associations of disabled people.


The AQUASHOW PARK HOTEL focus on customer orientation, promoting the quality of services to create value, based on our relationship with customers, employees, suppliers and the surrounding community.

For this purpose we have questionnaires for our  customers where they can give their point of views on the service provided and can make suggestions.

Consequently,  we undertake periodic meetings, where we analyze the opinions and suggestions, proceeding to change or not the methods, procedures, etc.

We adopt preventive measures in the area of ​​food hygiene and safety in accordance with the principles of the HACCP system, namely the periodic inspection performed by the company LusoCristal.

The AQUASHOW PARK HOTEL promotes the conservation of the environment through the use of renewable energy, using solar panels to supply hot water to all facilities of the Hotel.


Beyond the policy cited in the Community in relation to methods of employability,

The AQUASHOW PARK HOTEL is committed to respect for everybody, it doesn't discriminate in relation  to age level, racial, religious, sexual orientation. Since we have hired in the past, officials of the Muslim religion, and currently employs staff from various age groups, religious orientations, race and sexual orientation.

The AQUASHOW PARK HOTEL stands out on respect for each other and and promotes this attitude our Hotel to the employees and customers.

The AQUASHOW PARK HOTEL communicates to competent legal authorities any acts of third parties considered discriminatory and detrimental of the rights, freedoms and self -determination of people and children.


The AQUASHOW PARK HOTEL is committed to respect the rights of children, regardless of race, creed or age.

The AQUASHOW PARK HOTEL repudiates any form of acting with or on children who can somehow create decrease or disrespect, and repudiates all forms of child exploitation, including sexual exploitation.