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Aquashow Parque Indoor - Atrações e Espaços Temáticos - SPA Destaque

Add Heading Text SPA The SPA is a space for relaxation par excellence, here you can enjoy an elegant swimming pool with different types of jacuzzi, water jets, waterfalls and bed area with bubbles. You will also find different types of showers, a tour of contrasts, a Turkish bath, a sauna, an ice pit, an ice fountain, an essences pool and massage rooms. Space Wellness Minimum age 13 years Minimum height No restrictions Advise Not suitable for handicapped people. Lagoon The pool that invites you to participate in a day of relaxation and find serenity, close your eyes and enjoy this space that includes: Air and water Jacuzzi Bubble beds Swan neck waterfalls Side jets Area to swim against current All of this is possible to accomplish under the gaze of a starry sky. A haven to satisfy you completely and relax in full Sensory Showers Set of sensory showers is an area designed to relax and revitalize different parts of the body, offering a unique and rejuvenating experience. The Shower with Bucket of Water, Scottish Shower, Shower with Essence Oil and the Contrasts Tour are based on a concept of sensory balance, which offers a complete experience, encourages you to relax and enjoy the five senses. A simple passage over the pebbles while receiving relaxing jets of different temperatures on the legs and feet, allows an invigorating massage. Ice Pit The ice pit provides maximum thermal contrast in thermal bath cycles, highly recommended for the general stimulation of the organism, mainly for the activation of the circulatory system. Undoubtedly a unique experience. Ice Fountain The main purpose of the ice source is to provide maximum thermal contrast between bath cycles in hot areas. The use of this source is totally traditional and requires the direct application of crystallized ice on the body in order to obtain greater relaxation. Terma The action of heat and humidity detoxifies your body, activates blood circulation and stimulates the opening of pores, revitalizing the skin and increasing its elasticity. Allows your muscles to relax, reduce stress and improve breathing, ideal for a weekend. Turkish bath Instead of the traditional sauna, the Turkish bath is performed with a humid temperature of 47º, to allow the perspiration that your body produces not to evaporate. This abundant perspiration helps to eliminate impurities from the body, reduces stress and relieves muscle pain. Sauna Wake up your body at a temperature of 85º, after staying in the cabin we suggest a cold water shower, to reactivate the cardiovascular system and release toxins that accumulate on the surface of sweaty skin. It produces the effect of a relaxed body and a mind with extra “vitamins”. Pool of Essences With waters flavored with oils of different essences, in this pool your body and soul will find the perfect balance, reaching a state of well-being and total relaxation. To know… The use of wires, rings, bracelets, watches, earrings, glasses is not allowed in pools and slides. In thematic and aquatic attractions it is allowed to use filming, namely similar to “GoPro”, however, we warn that they are fixed in the body of the user (eg hand, arm, head, etc.) Return to Attractions