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(Call to the national fixed line)

Heaven's Challenge

In this multi-adventure circuit, you will travel a height course overcoming several challenges, always with the maximum guarantee of safety, since the user is secured by a harness on a continuous rail.

In this adventure you will be able to walk on oscillating wooden steps, ropes, spheres, covering different levels of difficulty.

You must be dry, dressed and wearing shoes. Access through the restaurant area. Not included in the Indoor ticket.

Prices: 1 lap – 5€; 2 laps – 7€.

Adrenaline level

Minimum age

No restrictions

Minimum height

1,20 metros


Not suitable for handicapped people.

To know…

The use of wires, rings, bracelets, watches, earrings, glasses is not allowed in pools and slides. In thematic and aquatic attractions it is allowed to use filming, namely similar to “GoPro”, however, we warn that they are fixed in the body of the user (eg hand, arm, head, etc.)