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Usefull information & FAQ

O Park Indoor open everyday from 11h00 until 19h00.



  • Snack Bars
  • Shop with lockers to rent
  • Baby changing facilities in toilets
  • Infirmary - sos
  • Drinking fountains
  • WC
  • Free parking without vigilance
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Usefull information & FAQ

Water attractions and thematic rides
All attractions have their own rules such as height, health conditions, they are for your safety.

Mandatory use of a bathing suit for all visitors, including babies.

The use of t-shirts at the attractions is optional.

Use of proper water shoes is permitted.

Follow the directions of the park employees, in case of non-compliance, you may be denied (a) access to the attractions or even the park.

It is allowed to use filming means, namely similar to "GoPro", however, we alert you to the fact that they must be fixed on the user's body at some attractions (e.g. hand, arm, head, etc.).

The use of wires, rings, bracelets, watches, earrings, sunglasses or vision is not allowed at the attractions.

For babies it is mandatory to use diapers suitable for swimming. (item available in our store, next to the entrance.)

There are restrictions / limitations for the enjoyment of attractions by people with reduced mobility and pregnant women.


Whenever accompanied by children, it is advisable to set up a meeting point.

If necessary, you can go to the entrance and ask for help.


If you need any information inside the park, you can contact our staff who will help you.

SOS - If you need assistance from a nurse, you can go to the SOS in front of the wave pool.

For your security we have CCTV service.

The parking is free and unattended..

The Aquashow Park Hotel advises you to remember the location of your car as well as leave it properly closed. Aquashow Park Hotel is not responsible for damage or theft caused by your vehicle
Aquashow Transport

The shuttle service can only be booked in combination with an entrance ticket to the Aquashow.

Single transportation tickets are not available.

The ticket office is to the right of the main entrance and also next to the wave pool of the open water park. Babies (0-2 years old) have free admission..

We have several articles - bathing suit, towel, slippers, T-shirts, sun cream, cap, sun umbrella and so much more! Do a visit! (Our shop is located after entering the park on the left side.)
Smoking is not permitted inside the park building.
Lockers / Store / Access
Before entering the park you can rent lockers at the store.

We have at your disposal a variety of items from swimsuits, towels, slippers, t-shirts, as well as merchandising articles.

The park has access to wheelchairs and prams.
Access to wheelchairs, to the slide tower is not available, only areas with swimming pools, playground, bar and WC.
Sunbeds / Towels / Bathrobes

Sunbeds are available to our customers by renting them.

Towel hire has a fixed cost plus a deposit. Bathrobe hire has a fixed cost plus a deposit. In case of disappearance (towel and robe), there will be no right to return the security deposit.
Food & Drinks
We have roasted chicken, mixed grill, sandwiches, pizzas, hamburgers, hotdog, salads, among others. Food and drinks are not allowed in the Park Indoor, except infant food. Enjoy your meal!
Animals are not allowed in the Indoor Park, except guide dogs. We advise you not to leave animals in cars due to the heat.
Ticket Discounts / Promotions
All discounts or promotions are only valid when purchasing tickets at the Aquashow ticket office, they cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.

All protocols with associations or institutions, which imply discounts on park entries, will only be valid at the ticket offices of Aquashow Park and cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.

For junior or senior tickets, it will be necessary to present an identification document proving age, at the ticket office or at the entrance.

Pregnant women who have a pregnancy report or are visible, enjoy a 50% discount on the purchase of their ticket directly at the ticket office.

People with permanent visible physical / motor limitations, which prevent the use of most amusements, enjoy a 50% discount only when buying a ticket at the ticket office in the park.
People with Reduced Mobility
We inform you that for security reasons, some attractions due to their specificities / characteristics, the access / enjoyment of them may be limited to people with reduced and / or mental mobility.
Access to wheelchairs and attractions located in the slide tower are not available, only in areas with swimming pools.
Permanent limitations considered to prevent the use of attractions:
- Inability to hold handles on buoys or rugs;
- Visual disability (on slides).
Grávidas Pregnant
Pregnant women have 50% discount * on the ticket, only at the park ticket office. * Upon presentation of medical proof. Please be informed that there are restrictions / limitations for the enjoyment of attractions by pregnant people.

For more information, please contact us.