Come and see the shows we have for you at the Aquashow Park Hotel!

Aquashow Parque Aquático - Atrações - Show de Araras

Parrots Show

Funny Macaws Show, where these little buddies will teach us to protect our most precious asset…Nature!

Educational and Didactic Show.

Aquashow Parque Aquático - Atrações - Show de Aves de Rapina

Birds of Prey Show

If you’ve never been near a golden eagle or a hawk, this is your chance!

Come interact with the wonderful species of birds of prey in the park and let yourself be dazzled by their beauty!

It will be a unique moment!

Aquashow Parque Aquático - Atrações - Show de Répteis

Reptiles Show

A fantastic show of reptiles where you can appreciate their beauty and interact with these animals.

Come and enjoy!

To know…

The use of wires, rings, bracelets, watches, earrings, glasses is not allowed in pools and slides. In thematic and aquatic attractions it is allowed to use filming, namely similar to “GoPro”, however, we warn that they are fixed in the body of the user (eg hand, arm, head, etc.)